fuck your manifesto

Manifesto01-321x440If I ever post something and (without irony) call it my “manifesto,” then I give you permission to dismiss my ideas. Because sane people don’t write manifestos. We send emails or make phone calls or talk to our friends. We send letters to Kaiser Permanente requesting they reimburse us for screwing over our autistic children for several years. We take our enemies to court. That’s how we communicate, even about the things we care about most. We stay within the lines. Maybe we push right up against those lines in an effort to make them stretch, but we do not break them. We do not write manifestos. We do not acquire weapons and begin killing people.

And if we do, we are wrong.

There is a man named Christopher Dorner who has hidden himself away in the San Bernardino Mountains. There is a storm this weekend, which makes it more difficult to find him. On Wednesday, he killed a man my husband grew up with. He was a police officer in Riverside. He was a father to young children. He was a husband.

I expected that we could all agree that this man needed to be caught and put to trial and removed from society so that he couldn’t kill anymore people. I did not expect for people on my Facebook page to begin posting snippets of his manifesto that they agreed with, mostly about Dorner’s beliefs about gun control and LAPD corruption. I did not expect a small but very vocal minority to speak out in support of Dorner.

I am certain the LAPD is corrupt. I am certain it needs reform. Lots of things are corrupt. Lots of things need reform. Lots of us are wronged, all of the time, every day. Lots of people are wronged in ways that are much, much worse than the ways in which Dorner, a young, physically healthy, American man, might have been wronged. That doesn’t give Dorner, or anyone, the right to appoint himself judge and sentence people to death. We are right to ask ourselves why this is happening and what we can do to prevent it in the future, but that doesn’t mean we need to make Dorner a martyr or a hero. It is not heroic to gun down innocent people. As soon as you make Dorner a martyr for your cause, your cause is lost.

Maybe Dorner had something valuable and important to say. Maybe I would have listened. Maybe something would have changed. But he began murdering people in the name of his cause. And with that, nothing he says matters anymore. I will not read your manifesto because fuck your manifesto.

Photo credit: http://www.wordsinspace.net/wordpress/2011/12/11/off-you-go-with-a-manifesto/

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7 thoughts on “fuck your manifesto

  1. my gay mom says:

    I can’t count how many times I’ve been tempted to read this maniac’s writing (ok six) but I keep stopping myself before I click, which amazes me, considering how many horrible things I click on every day. The Internet makes it too easy for us to elevate whack jobs into heroes. But serial killers and monsters have always had their fans. It used to take more effort though. You used to have to write a letter, drive to the prison; now you just have to cut, paste, and “like.”

    • I think it will be good for people to read and analyze it after this is all over for clues about what caused it and what can be changed in the future. And I don’t criticize those who choose to read it. I just can’t; it makes me too angry. But what I do criticize is people who justify or sanction his behavior, or claim his cause as their own. Nothing can justify this.

      • my gay mom says:

        I agree, but I do wonder how many people really believe in his cause and how many are just being anonymous Internet dicks?

      • I’m sure it’s mostly dicks, but I did hear this from people who legitimately feel this way, mostly the “fuck the police” set. I also heard people defending him as being oppressed and backed into a corner with no other options. It seems to me there are almost always other options.

      • my gay mom says:

        Yeah I don’t see how he was backed into writing a manifesto and allegedly gunning down innocent family members of the police.

  2. Excellently written, Angela (as usual!). As a dyed-in-the-wool “conspiracy nut” (I just LOVE how those two words are uber-connected in our culture…when people accuse me of that, I always say, “Ask Julius Caesar about conspiracy. Oh, you can’t. He died a long time ago. BECAUSE OF A CONSiPRACY!”), I have no doubt in all of my research there is something going “Behind the curtain” (pay no attention to that man!). That doesn’t mean I’m taking up arms and waging a war I can’t possibly win. Change (and I know this FOR A FACT) can only come from the heart. A very wise man once said, “Change the heart and the mind will follow”. I only hope that all people one day will heed those words for a better world. That’s why I took up the “Sword of music and lyrics”. One of the first songs I ever wrote is called “Take My Love”. For a reason……UM
    PS: Please tell Ryan I am so sorry for the loss of his friend….much love to your whole family.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Dignity does not come from avenging insults, especially from violence that can never be justified. It comes from taking responsibility and advancing our common humanity.
    Hillary Clinton

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