Prince Carlos’s Poison (1568)

I keep falling down the stairs

especially those that are not there

Father said he’d save me first

but my best became his worst

Silent William, you had no choice

to fill me up to find your voice

Prince of Orange/Oh Prince of Fight

I’ll drink the day right from your night

Poison ends us all the same

Life is just like iocane

We choke loud on pregnant words

Ones that hemmorage do not surge

Mother, My Queen…Don’t cripple me just yet

just yet just yet

I could be your miracle

My brain reverses life cycles

I could darn your butchered heart

a broken clock turned brand new art

I could be your peace retreat

wind you back to be pretty

I could be all that you’ve reaped

Death won’t part us/help us sleep

I could teach you not to grieve

I’ve got clots no one can see

Yes, the blood we should not break

is the blood you have to take.

Father, my king…Don’t love us like this yet

just yet just yet


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